We try to bring the best to the best. Thus our partners are true innovators, game-changers and valued experts in there field. In-depth market know-how, solid solution and software engineering and a sustainable record for satisfied customers are common attributes to our partners.

Each partner is unique in his area and has reached leadership in his addressed market. They are typical mid sized companies, which are for a couple of years in the market and profitably run with passion by their owners and founders.


Netcetera supports customers with tailored software in their core business. The deep understanding of systems and processes, no matter how complex,  fosters IT solutions with long-lasting customer benefit benefits. Leading in many areas, such as mobile solutions, data warehouses, mission critical systems, Netcetera offers a rich portfolio in for

  • the Financial Industry
  • Payment and Retail Services
  • the Health care sector
  • Transporation
  • Public sector
  • Media and communication

For more information please visit:  www.netcetera.com

Xplain offers since more than 20 years a specialized solution and product portfolio for security and law enforcement agencies, jurisdiction, customs and border control authorities. Xplain is based in Switzerland with office in Spain and Germany.

The portfolio includes:

  • Mobile Applications for all aspects for policing work (Front Office) in a mission orient approachincluding the high secure back end for intelligent data query
  • Report & Case Management for all Back Office work (Journal, case management, nominal database as central registry, reports, etc.) in a modular workflow oriented way build and designed of effective policing.
  • Command and Control solution to dispatch and manage alarm messages and incidents using suggestions and checklists supporting dispatchers during the operation processing ensuring a transparent and uniform vision over the course of events and the measures taken
  • Identity and document control of persons, including bio metric data,
    and documents (MRTD's, Visa's, etc.) entry and exit at the external borders and internal frontiers
  • Situation representation and Analysis solutions for comprehensive
    evaluations with simultaneous queries to all relevant databases. An easy-to- use solution designed for police officers withpowerful search and analysis options (lists, summaries, reports, graphs, maps). Investigative work is supported by query and hit stores, search subscriptions
    and integrated evaluation reports.
  • Data Exchange and Policing Data Mart to extract data from different sources (nominal systems, AFIS, IRIS-DB's, case documents, mails, etc.) into a standardized, independent format, select data for transfer and import and provide a comprehensive search and analytic interfaces for data-exchange and investigative work, including an expert mode to work with the I2-Product Suite (c).

For more information please visit: xplain.ch

auditQ AG is the leading provider of independent end-to-end process and service monitoring (SLA monitoring) providing methods and tools in order to collect measured values and depict them in a user-appropriate manner.

The real time (KPI monitoring) of auditQ makes it possible to monitor and control your processes. An example of the active support for process control is the ongoing comparison of the processing capacities in the processes with the queued orders. Numerous standard evaluations that are complemented by customer-specific reports will support you as you optimise your processes. Thus, you will promptly receive facts in order to make decisions and be provided with the planning basis.

The range of offerings extends from real-time monitoring to the target/actual comparisons of the SLAs, which are updated hourly, to the long-term evaluations of your services. Typical objects which are measured by auditQ’s end-to-end applications or infrastructural elements are, for example, the server, SAN, networks, etc.

auditQ’s services are being rendered worldwide at more than 100 locations. Its customers include several banks as well as international companies like Siemens, Denner, Cablecom, Phonak, Abraxas, RR Donnelley and many others.

For more information please visit: auditq.com

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