Control of documents and persons

With the introduction of electronic travel documents the requirements for the check of these documents have changed. The chip holds document data and an increasing amount of biometric information. eneXs enables the check of documents and persons at the entry, the exit and within the borders. The software is used at the Schengen external borders, the internal borders, within the borders and by specialized services for in-depth travel document checks.

In a nutshell

eneXs enables the use of different passport and fingerprint readers. The application receives the data of the reader, and initiates the query on the relevant databases with the data of the MRZ. The genuineness of the document is checked by means of its optical and electronic security features. eneXs supports the processes of the first and the second line of control and displays the information accurately. eneXs enables the processes of the first line of control with a quick overview, the processes of the second line of control with a comprehensive check of the person and the document. For these processes, in addition to the passport and the fingerprint reader, a camera with a biometric face comparison is provided. eneXs supports the comparison of fingerprints on C-VIS. The data can be exported as a report or by means of an XML-Interface.