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Challenges — Benefits — Solution Description


Managing enterprises for the digital economy is becoming increasingly challenging. IT organizations are under continuous pressure to deliver complex services with agility and flexibility while guaranteeing quality. Multi-layer and multi-vendor IT environments are inevitable regardless of the industry, be it e-commerce, e-government or e-banking.


auditQ, the independent end-to-end process and service monitoring is set of tools and methods that makes the complex IT environments manageable. The real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting of processes, applications and infrastructure are enabling transparency both towards customers as well as suppliers.

The flexible deployment models, on-premise deployment or independent SaaS out of the cloud, fits well in the strategies of both target groups:

  • service providers who want to demonstrate the quality of their services or
  • CIO's who need to monitor the quality of their suppliers.



The system gives a consolidated view for any of the 3 layers in a service oriented organization:

  • End-to-End Process Management: process fulfillment, planning and definition of process
  • End-to-End Service Management: product design, innovation and implementation
  • End-to-End Supplier Management: governance, vendor management, SLA/SLM management, contract management



Some of the benefits of using the auditQ system:

  • Transparency in the Service Operations, for event, incident and problem management,
  • Focus on solving the issues and stop the blame game,
  • Faster resolution times and improved service availability,
  • Reduced costs due to reduced Service Delivery Management efforts,
  • Seamless impact analysis during the Service Design and Continual Service Improvement


Solution DEscription

aQ MeasuringSuite©

The aQ MeasuringSuite© serves to measure and monitor the performance of applications, infrastructure and the IT processes. It consists of the aQ ProcessObserver© and aQ E2ERobot© and aQ MeasuringRobot© which process everyday work routines on the Net in regular intervals. The end-to-end measurement methodology is based strictly upon the business relevance (contractual agreements, goals, SLAs, KPIs) for the agreed services.


aQ ReportingSuite©

auditQ offers its customers access to the measurement results both as an integrated solution in the customer environment as well as via the web portal “My auditQ”. The portal consists of 5 areas which offer different perspectives and depths of information for different user groups:

  • aQ TrustCenter©
  • aQ AlertingCenter©
  • aQ ScoreBoard©
  • aQ LiveMonitor©
  • aQ ManagementReport©


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